Istaram Industrial Group

The first foundations of istaram industrial Group were built in 1370 by the late perm Haj Bahram pour Akbarnejad in a small workshop where he produced traditional sugar products and no one predicted that the small workshop would eventually become one of the largest food production units in the country. The country and neighboring countries will become.
The next product of this workshop was candy, these products have had many fans in the regions of the country.
This workshop started its activities in the field of cakes and cookies in 1380, and in a short period of time, due to the consumers acceptance of the taste, quality , different packaging and innovation in the production of new products in the course of its activity and under the shadow of the brothers Mohammad, Ahad, Bahman, Samad and behrang. New equipment for production could be bought and a revolution in the development of istaram took place with continuous effort and perseverance and the necessary communication with academic centers and knowledge – based companies, this group has been able to receive the mark of irans national standard ISO 9001,22000, HACCP by increasing production and responding to the needs of all customers, as well as maintaining and improving the quality of products.
Istaram company has managed to become one of the leading poles in the cake and cookie industry in the region and the country and export its products to foreign and neighboring countries such as Azarbaijan, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Dubai, Bahrain, Yemen, Libya, Tajikistan, Russia and Qatar.

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